Thursday, November 25, 2010

25 things about Liyana Deli !

1. Norliyana originally came from my mom and my dad combination name. "Nor" and "Li" ( so i'm very proud of it )

2. I'm a shopaholic girl bcoz i'm believe shopping is the best therapies to reduce stress ( it worked ! )

3. I'm also photoholic too 

4. I'm coke lover

5. I'm really hate all types of sports

6. Hate cakes too ( exc Yogurt Cheese Cake )

6. I'm love to try new things (esp food )

7. I will NEVER ENTER the haunted house coz i'm really scared to 'fake' ghosts

8. I'm totally jealous to a person who have a pair a dimples

9. I'm only have one sister, PEAH ( I'm really grateful coz i don't like many siblings )

10. I have a big smile 

11. Now i'm collecting ROMP jeans

12. I'm actually NOT a forgiven person 

13. I'm a talkative girl but sometimes i can be sensitive too

14. I can be a good listener & loved to give valuable advice to my closed friends ( maybe i should consider psychiatry as my career )

15. I'm like to collect coins & because of that i have many money box

16. I'm have a box full of key chains that i collected since kindergarten

17. 2 is my lucky number

18. I'm reading Galaxie magazines

19. Harry Potter & Twilight is my favorite movies as well as my favorite books

20. Black is my favorite colours

21. I hate it when girls cries because their heart are broken by a man 

22. I like to play extreme games

23. Until today i'm still love watching cartoons 

24. USA , London & Paris is the wishlist place that i ever wanted to go

25. I'm still searching for my 'Mr Perfect ' 

Last but not least thank you very much to
Nurul Marlyana & Mariam Rahmat
for tagged me !!

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  1. kau jeles dgn aku sbb aku ade dimple ae.. hahaha