Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Forgiveness is one of the things
That's necessary but hard
Especially with broken hearts
But it's still expected by God

We can't let another soul
Take away our happiness
And give them the satisfaction
Of forgetting that we're blessed

One thing about forgiveness
Is once we had forgiven
Everything we've forgiven for
Should be no longer mentioned

So if someone had your heart
And tore it all apart
Swallow your pride for God
And create a brand start

Exhale the negative energy
That you're held in so long
And God will start forgiving you
For finally forgiving the wrong

The hardest thing to do
In the world for the human race
Is to forgive one another
For what we call mistakes

But we all know
God makes no mistakes
He just gives us chances to show
We're actually keeping the faith

When you follow God's eyes
You see a totally different view
You should never hold a grudge
For the wrong that's done to you

He doesn't want us to live
Holding grudges with strength to kill
No matter what it is
He expects us to forgive

Because you were treated wrong
Doesn't mean you should hesitate
To forgive and move on
Instead of taking it to your grave

No one on this earth
Was put here to be perfect
You may haven't felt your worth
That doesn't mean you don't deserve it

If someone caused you pain
That you're still living with
Do your heart a favor
And grant this person forgiveness

by : Rodrick D Bates

Take Note : Whatever reason, I'm still NOT FORGIVE U, U & U

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