Thursday, August 11, 2011

Far 360 Presentation 1

Date : 5 August 2011

Venue : Lr 4.7

Gadget : Samsung Galaxy Tab

Story Board : Even our group ' kene hentam ' by Cik Roslina & Madam Salwani during presentation but my sadness being cured when I can take photo with my group using Hafiz I-Pad. Credit to Fyna, Hafiz & me too. Our theme is blue & this idea originally came from me. So glad because I get approval from them. Hehehe. Because of our creativity combination between Bib & me, we manage to create Lada & Saus button. Very proud wey. Of course Midah picture is our tester. Keh3. Not forget Hafiz kindness to pick up & send us back safely every night. & without being bored I have Adli. For sure kami akan bergaduh & berhentam sesame sendiri for any circumstances. Pergi McD jer mesti makan tapi x gemuk2 jgk mcm ayam McD tue. ( padan muke aku tulis pasal ko kat sini :p ) sape suwuh suke cari pasal ngn aku. My chocotop member, Midah who always be beside me. Teman luahan perasaan bile adew ketidak puasan hati. Last but not least, thanks for giving fully cooperation, commitment & willing to sacrifices your sleep time because of this lovely Far 360. Dear God, we're really love Integrated Accounting.

- Adli - Hafiz - Habibah - Hamiidah - Liyana -
" Keeps remind me of our laugh, sad, sulk, & sheepish memory "

p/s: eh kenape name dowg nie banyk start dari huruf 'H' ?

>>>>>> Upcoming event, Far 360 Presentation 2.

p/s : Application I-Pad mmg gempak giler
camera mmg x cantik sgt....


  1. LIYANA....AKU BENCI KO TAU...arggghh sakit ati..haha

  2. liyana, presentation 1 untuk far 360 yg company kan?

  3. Assalamualaikum. can i ask for your help on presentation 1 ? you can email me here on how to contact u.